Schiap” on Line

‘Or give me a new Muse with stockings and suspenders 
And a smile like a cat
 With false eyelashes and finger-nails of carmine 
And dressed by Schiaparelli, with a pill-box hat.’ from Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice Once upon a time, (In the 1920’s) a young Italian beauty was invited to a ball in London.…

Little Black Dress

But when it’s time to be discreet There’s one thing you just can’t beat And that’s a strapless backless classical little black dress Richard Hartley, Shock Treatment Audrey Hepburn knew it, as did Betty Boop and Edith Piaf. Clearly Mme. Gautreau, the subject of John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Madame X knew it; that is,…